Every profession seems to have list of “things you should know” about their field.  While some seem to use it as a outlet for their rage we would like to educate and help you navigate some uncomfortable scenarios.  So here you go! 12 things your computer guys wants you to know!


1.    Please reboot occasionally – and no, logging off is not the same thing!
You run dozens of different applications and sometimes errors occur. By rebooting you allow these applications to get the fresh start they need to perform smoothly. When you log off, some applications may continue to run in the background.

2.   Yes, Macs are more secure, but it’s not because they are vastly superior devices.
PCs make up over 90% of the market.  If someone is trying to steal credit card numbers, are they going to take the time to write the code for 90 million devices, or 10 million devices?

3.  We know where you’ve been.
A major part of our job is protecting your data by monitoring web traffic.  Another major part of our job is recovering lost data.  Deleting your cookies and clearing your browsing history mean nothing to us. If you look at porn on your work computer, we know about it. No, you’re not the only one, and yes, we have made a joke at your expense.

4.  We know what you did.
Related to #3…. We know you did something and we will find out what it was. (That’s our job.) So when we ask you what you were doing when your computer crashed… please just tell us. Don’t be embarrassed – it will get you back up and running much faster.

5.  We don’t spy on you.
Yes we can read your email.  Yes we can see where you’ve been. Yes we can monitor pretty much everything you do. But we don’t check up on you unless it is absolutely essential to fixing or preventing a problem – and that doesn’t happen often.  Not only would that be unethical, but you’re probably not that interesting to us… and if you were, we don’t have time for that anyway.

6.  We can’t make your 5 year old computer run like new.
Well… we could, but it’ll cost you about $800 in parts and labor, and you can buy a new computer for less than that.

7.  We use Google.
But that doesn’t mean you can do our job.  There is A LOT of information on Google and most of it is wrong or irrelevant. We can easily tell the difference between legitimate IT professionals offering advice on complex issues they have personally encountered and successfully solved, and the hobbyist in their parent’s basement spouting off nonsense.

8.  We often work more time than you are billed.
We spent 30 hours rebuilding your server.  It took 30 hours because of a bug in Microsoft’s software. We were up until 3AM for a week and we can’t bill you for that.

9.  The new problem you are having today is not related to the problem we fixed last week.
We came out and removed a virus last week and now your mouse isn’t working.  These things are not related. If you got a flat tire, would you blame the mechanic that changed your oil yesterday? Most devices automatically update every day.  Sometimes these updates break other things.  Don’t worry, we can fix that too!

10.  If you get an error…
Please record what it says, or take a screenshot. We need to know what the error was in order to fix it.

11.  Don’t install toolbars.
Any of them. Ever. At work, or at home. When installing or updating software, read the prompts carefully and uncheck any add-on programs like Ask Toolbar or Weatherbug.

12.  When we’re at the bar and the friendly guy next to us asks us what we do for a living…
We say we’re unemployed. Because no one wants to troubleshoot a stranger’s computer at a bar.


Sound off in the comments!  What’s your profession and what would you like your clients to know?