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Moving to the Cloud? WAIT!

Working in the cloud means you can do business anywhere, but when the cloud goes down, your business goes down.

Sometimes these outages are planned, scheduled, and announced.  Sometimes they are not. Google, Microsoft & AT&T are just a few of the companies that have suffered major outages.  No one is immune!

What is the cost of downtime? Let’s look at a simple example: A Law Firm with 10 lawyers making $400/hour is down for 2 hour, at a loss of $8,000. 

Another risk is permanent data loss, like we saw in 2011 when Amazon’s EC2 cloud services crashed.

You can’t afford to be down, and you can’t afford to lose your data.

If you are thinking about switching to a cloud-based service, give us a call. We can help you assess the risks and benefits of cloud-based solutions, plan for unplanned outages, and backup your data to prevent losses when the cloud crashes.

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